But it does have its challenges. In the use of laminate materials, cabinet makers face the cutting problem at the top and bottom. Wood is easily torn, broken and divided, requiring a sharp, durable tool. For the past 50 years, woodworking professionals have relied on the RHBK solid carbide tool.

RHBK HB series double flute compression router provides a minimum length increase shear cable manufacturer, under the condition of without sacrificing the surface quality, need the right tools in ambry joggle and cut on the panel.

Our bx-334-32 is the preferred tool for good musical instrument makers.

Demand for production in the healthcare industry has been changing. Machine parts are getting smaller and more complex, which means you need high performance solutions and greater control.

RHBK’s advanced application testing facility can help with your medical application. Send us your information and we will develop a solution.

Titanium and stainless steel

Light, strong, corrosion resistant and complete biocompatibility, titanium is one of the few materials that meet the requirement of human body implantation. The weight of the medical grade titanium alloy is much higher than that of stainless steel.

On the other hand, stainless steel can withstand multiple sterilization due to its strength and corrosion resistance, and it still satisfies the ultra-high purity requirement.

Made from the Tuffy grade carbide of RHBK, the final milling cutter of our xf series adopts unique geometric structure to make the tough titanium work simple and efficient. An aerospace customer has passed the tools of five competitors, just one. When they switch to RHBK HXF, they can use a tool to machine three parts, a 1500% difference. The speed and feed and cubic inch of HXF series are usually five to 10 times faster than conventional titanium processing.

Cobalt chromium alloy

Cobalt-chromium alloys are known for their biocompatibility and provide ideal wear and corrosion resistance for implants, such as shoulder, knee and hip replacement.

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