RBK provides customized aerospace tools with strict tolerances and application of specific carbide grades and geometric figures as engineering solutions. Our engineers design the special and improvement tools, reduce or eliminate the demand for secondary operation, use the lifespan of the tool is usually higher than competitors’ performance, in the range of 4 to 1. Let our team find the right solution for your custom tool needs.


Titanium is an ideal material for improving fuel economy. When contacted with carbon fiber reinforced polymer, aluminum has higher requirements for heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Its high strength and low density make it suitable for jet engines, disks, blades, shafts, and housing. However, its hardness and heat resistance make it very difficult to deal with machines. The extreme strength of titanium processing has produced a trend.

Made from RBK’s Tuffy grade carbide, our xf series end mill is designed to be a unique geometric shape that makes hard titanium work simple and efficient. An aerospace customer is experiencing five competing tools, with only one wing flap. When they switch to RBK XHF, they can use a tool to machine three ailerons, a 1500% difference. The speed and feed and cubic inch of the XHF series are usually five to 10 times faster than conventional titanium processing. Contact RBK for your next titanium alloy cutter.


This lightweight nonferrous metal is useful for energy efficiency. However, it is prone to flutter, especially in thin walls, which can lead to slow operation, poor grinding, slippage and breakage of tools. Burring is also a common problem, and it generates a need for a secondary operation of bothersome and time consuming.

The innovative geometry of RBK a1-303 and FM series eliminates chat, eliminates chips, improves control of tool holders and eliminates some problems. The a1-303 and FHM series are especially good in handling deep pockets, monolithic structures, thin walls, and floors.

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