This process involves the machine moving three axes simultaneously. The resulting motion is circular and axial. “X” and “Y” axes move the circle and axial direction of a “Z” every 360 ° distance is equal to the pitch of thread processing.

Tools should be “slope” of more than 90 ° in order to avoid damage. It must be a spiral. “Z” mobile axial pitch since 90 is present 4 ° 360 ° present 4.

When working on the right screw thread, the top – to – top machining is recommended. This will avoid cutting any chips. For left-handed threads, the preferred method is to use the upper bottom of the right-hand spiral tool. Refer to the troubleshooting diagram above to solve potential thread milling problems.

More than 65 years ago, scientific cutting tools co., LTD., is based on a simple marketing concept, providing customers with high quality products, competitive prices and uncompromising service and establish innovative tools business. The boss and staff began to use a new perspective to start SHCT with a new perspective on tool design techniques and success. SHCT goes into the tool business, with a product, a customer, and a driving target – becoming the first in the cutting tool industry.

Over the years, SHCT has developed new tool lines and improved existing tool lines. SHCT’s active research and development department also has the ability to develop customer tools tailored specifically to specific projects. SHCT tool designers can also modify existing inventory tools to meet individual customer needs.

Since SHCT open in simi valley, California, for the first time, already has more than 65 years of history, but the root cause of the company in business and not from the company founder Stan Christopher (Stan Christopher) founded by changes in the company. Today we are committed to quality control, unbeatable technology, and customer satisfaction, which is what makes people stand out from the competition.

JH710 high-speed – CoCr and titanium – square – 5 flute

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