NS series

A light truck manufacturer in the United States recently shifted from heavy steel to lighter aerospace aluminum in its pursuit of performance and fuel efficiency. They need consistent performance and demanding parameters. More than 20 tool makers tried on multiple accounts, but failed. RBK a1-303 is the only tool set that has all the features required to deliver the correct results and the only tools to meet design and performance benchmarks.

(Lincoln, California) – RBK’s ability to continue advancing tools and consumer demand will be on display at the international manufacturing technology show in Chicago in 2014. Each new product is carefully designed to stand out in a variety of different applications and materials.

NS series

The RBK’s new NHS series offers up to five times the speed of traditional steel knife cutting tools as the metal removal rate increases by 500% compared with previous models. This line of variable helical products is the most economical of RBK and still exceeds its high precision and performance standards.

PHCD drill

RBK’s PHCD drill has a solid diamond tip in the market, and its unique geometric shape is much better than regular flat bits. For composites, it’s a good option, it can be resharpened, showing a long tool life, almost eliminating layering and fiber pulling. W point PHCD drill is especially suitable for use of more problematic composite materials.

Screw the handle

RBK’s new threaded shank tool is made of a piece of hard alloy. Not usually two, three, or four grooves tools, these tools are designed to solve the unique application of geometry, such as eliminating flutter or make the high speed machining of titanium, aluminium or carbon fiber. “We are very excited to introduce our new product at the 2014 international manufacturing technology show,” said David baker, President of RBK. “Our clients tell us the biggest challenges they face, and we feed that perspective back to our lab engineers to innovate the best solutions.” We can’t wait to see what our customers have achieved with these new tools on their own devices.

The new product, plus the complete RBK line, can find the RBK application guide, which can be in

Lincoln, on May 10, 2013 employees have manufacturing company RBK, today in Lincoln, California senate district 4 senator Jim nelson factory held a factory visit and staff meetings.


“We have to constantly come up with different combinations of geometric shapes, different coatings or geometric shapes to try and solve the customer’s problems,” MacArthur said.

(Abraham Lincoln, CA) – RBK company will show a1-303 series of carbide end milling cutter, it can let you in a simple channel, with a minimum of vibration and vibration, the deeper parts, slot and wall mechanical processing. This tool is very helpful for high speed machining. This series of products adopts the polishing groove and mirror edge, eliminating the vibration and vibration of aluminum and nonferrous metal high-speed machining. The tolerance of the handle is the best in the industry (H4 tolerance of all sizes larger than 5/16, H5 is less than 5/16 in the final milling cutter, which eliminates the use of knives. RHK 1 “end mill also has the ability to remove 42 pounds of aluminum per minute.

(Lincoln, California) – RBK’s ability to continue advancing tools technology and consumer demand will be on display at the American international motor show in November 2016.

RBK DHM/MHDM Die/mold series with revolutionary new carbide materials, a new kind of coating combination, than comparable carbide carbide application and coating should grow by 450%, and 909% less wear and tear.

The test was carried out in D2 58 HRc with similar carbide and coating on our new DHM/MHDM/die/die carbide end milling cutter. The RHBK DHM/MHDM series of tools is superior to each of the test tools, with only a smooth wear area. “0025”, less than 909% wear.

Do you want a tool with high accuracy, dry cutting, short cycle time, tighter tolerance, and better finished products? Try our DHM/MHDM Die/mold series today.

DHM/MHDM death/die series, complete with HBK line, can find the RBK application guide,

(Lincoln, CA)- RBK’s NHS series has a very special helical offset flute design, which provides five times the speed of conventional steel cutting tools. This variable helical product is our most economical product, and also exceeds the high precision and performance standard. The tool took 45 minutes to 9 minutes. Increase metal removal rate by 500%. Revolutionary coating eliminates heat and extends tool life.

(Lincoln, CA)- RBK’s amazing a1-303 series has special polishing flutes and patented geometric figures that remove vibration and vibration. This tool allows for faster feeding speed, improved performance and longer tool life.

composite materials

Many types of composite materials, there are two or more materials – usually have significantly different physical properties – together, including glass fiber, aramid fiber, kevlar and glass reinforced plastics. One tends to stand out. “However, we see all types of composites increasing, but the vast majority of them are carbon fiber,” MacArthur said, referring to carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CHFRPs).

Many industries have applications for composite materials, including energy, automotive and sporting goods. ‘once again, an industry dominates,’ Mr. MacArthur said. “We see a huge increase in the board, but the biggest volume is often in the airline industry.”

To prevent layering and uncut fibers, says MacArthur, RBK offers a router that provides a combination of up and down shear flute. This combination compresses the workpiece material. “It puts downward force on the top of the component and forces up at the bottom.”

“If a client is doing a new part or a new project, they can spend $30,000 on tools to find the best solution,” MacArthur said. “We have an in-house lab. Many of our customers will send us a scrap or some material. Then, we don’t charge, we’re going to do some tests, and we’re pretty quick to determine what’s best for the geometry.

, according to the RBK MacArthur MacArthur) will be a composite component in the path, a channel rather than coarsening and finish cutting and to minimize the router in the material cost on the number of linear inches, this is prolong tool life and sharpness of a kind of method. This approach also shortens the cycle time.

“Once you start to sharpen the cutting edge, or sharpen the cutting tool or experience wear, you start to add more friction and heat,” says MacArthur. “One of the key areas for eliminating heat is to make sure you stay sharp for as long as possible.”

With the development of new composite materials, more and more applications, component manufacturers will continue to face different challenges. However, tool makers will not sit back and let them use outdated routers to cut tomorrow’s composite.

recommends drilling tool

To meet the requirements of customers, the diversified drilling features, combined with the tools, provide a variety of electronic printed circuit boards required for the squad exercises. Please refer to the product information catalogue and model details.
Please note when selecting the drill die
Features of tools
According to the actual situation of customers, the tool recommends drilling model based on actual drilling data, which corresponds to various PWB material characteristics and drilling parameters. For example, even a bit of the same size, depending on the design of the drill, is divided into the following three types, where the drill can respond to the customer’s quality objectives.
Hole alignment precision type >
The drill design takes into account stiffness in particular. During drilling, the accuracy of wellhead alignment can be maintained.
The hole wall roughness type >
The drill design takes into account the evacuation of wafers. The quality of hole wall can be maintained in drilling.
“Balanced >
The drill design takes into account the evacuation of stiffness and chip. In the drilling process, it can balance the hole registration and pore wall quality well.
Choice of blade length
As the length of the drill flute increases, especially the curvature of the small diameter bit increases, it becomes difficult to maintain good hole position accuracy, and fracture may occur. In PWB drilling, it is important to choose the drill which is suitable for the thickness of the panel and the height of the stack.
* for details, please refer to the catalogue or contact our sales team.
Microdill manufacturing techniques for joint tools
The production of electronic printed circuit board is very high density, and the demand for smaller size of micro bit is also increased. The alliance tool attempts to establish manufacturing technology at an early stage, and large-scale production is now possible.

tungsten carbide PCB manufacturing

Risk factors for
The tools group (” UTcG “) business has many risks. The main risks affecting the UTG business are as follows:
The impact of manufacturing conditions
The main business of UTcG is to manufacture and sell industrial consumables. Most of its customers are in manufacturing and use our products for processing. UTcG’s business is highly dependent on global manufacturing. Weak manufacturing activity could have a negative impact on UTcG’s financial performance.
Rely on tool sales, especially drill bits
The combined sales of cutting tools, especially the drill bits, have almost taken over all of UTG sales, and this business model will last for a while. As a result, a reduction in demand for a drill may have a negative effect on financial results. More recently, printed circuit boards require higher technology and quality, as the wring density is increased in the following orders, but UTG determines its lead in this field to help its customers. UTG, meanwhile, continues to increase sales of hard alloy end mills and thread rolling in other markets.
Asian business dependence
As the global economic centre is shifting to Asia, it is inevitably dependent on its Asian operations, which account for a large chunk of UTcG’s sales. Now, UTcG has been beefing up its Asian production capacity to meet positive demand. The political, economic and social turmoil in Asia, and the delay in Asia’s enhanced plans, could have a negative impact on the business and financial conditions of UTcG.
The trend of unit price decline
Because of China’s low-cost manufacturing, PCB manufacturing faces severe price competition. Although UTG customers attach more importance to quality and after-sales service than price, we can’t ignore the decline trend of unit price. If UTG does not respond adequately to changes in the business environment, the financial situation of UTcG is likely to be affected. UTcG will continue to strive to maintain its high performance, not just to enter low price competition, but to strengthen its quality, technology, services and supply capabilities.
Raw material prices have risen, notably tungsten carbide
The main raw material of UTcG products is one of rare metals, tungsten carbide. The price of raw materials has gone up recently. UTcG is trying to buy the raw materials steadily. However, the sharp rise in raw material prices could affect UTcG’s finances.