Full automatic plate door shrinking machine packaging machine


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The efficient door packing machine can adopt three kinds of packing methods: shrinkage type, track type and screw type, so that your products have high packing efficiency and good packing condition.

Adjustable packaging range, suitable for linear application. The packaging width can be adjusted to adapt to different product sizes. The packaging can automatically cut off and re feed without operator intervention.

The shrinking machine is composed of conveyor, panel packer and shrinking channel. Easy to accommodate different products, providing better protection and appearance.

China’s heat shrinkable packaging machine has a large market and a wide range of use, which not only meets the needs of most industries such as food, medicine and beverage, but also drives the development of the whole packaging machinery industry. With the world’s call for building a harmonious society, the packaging industry has begun to move closer to the requirements of environmental protection to achieve pollution-free packaging

Heat shrinkable packaging is a very popular way of packaging. No matter in supermarket or in daily life, we can see the shadow of heat shrinkable packaging on products, such as disinfection tableware, beer drinks, cosmetics, red wine, mosquito repellent incense box and other products. Heat shrinkage is generally divided into PE film, POF film and PVC film.

Generally speaking, the commonly used PE film packaging for alcoholic drinks needs a larger shrinking machine to pack. After heat shrinking, there must be a cold wind to set the shape. Otherwise, the packaging effect will be affected. There are many products suitable for PE film packaging: tobacco, cans, thermal insulation materials, cartons, cans, large plates, hardware and other heavier products

How does the heat shrinkable packaging machine work

The heat shrinkable packaging machine is a new type of automatic laminated film sealing heat shrinkable packaging machine, which belongs to the film sealing heat shrinkable packaging machine. There is a feeding support, and the upper end of the feeding support is equipped with a lower conveyor belt; the front end of the feeding frame is linked with a laminated feeding support, and the front end of the laminated feeding support is a membrane sealing and cutting mechanism; the laminated feeding support is close to the upper and lower conveyor belts and is equipped with a lifting table, and the upper end and two sides of the lifting table are equipped with a turning blade, the top end of the lifting table is equipped with a turning start motor, and the laminated feeding is equipped with a turning start motor In the middle of the support is a stacking table; the upper side of the stacking feeding support is installed with counting and opening light that is lifted into the upper conveyor belt, and the upper end of the stacking feeding support is close to the upper and lower conveyor belts, and is also provided with a bulletproof device for the packed materials. When working, according to the proposed input packaging quantity, you can package one to one hundred items, or even more items